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Kellie LaPlegua has to be one of the most beautiful gothic women ever to grace the world with her loveliness. In this EroticFandom shoot, she is wearing a macabre leather costume custom-made by AMF’s Louis Fleischauer. She looks spooky and dangerous, but looking at her incredible sun-dappled body makes you wish you were a sunbeam.

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In this EroticFandom, Kellie LaPlegua looks spooky and gorgeous, stripping off the newest leather couture from AMF. Kellie begins the shoot in a very exotic fetish butcher apron, then adds the extreme kink tongues mask, finally ending up nude in the garden. Like Eve, only way kinkier and hotter.

erotic fandom kellie laplegua tongues

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According to the text in the GothicSluts members area, Szandora was egging Kellie LaPlegua on to spank her harder and harder. That gorgeous gothic beauty Kellie has an arm on her though. The brutal dark handprints on Szandora’s pale ass leave quite a striking contrast.


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